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Muscle Meat

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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We are a team passionate about the importance of health and physical accomplishment.

We have brought together our skills of farming, butchery, health and fitness which has created a winning combination.

At Muscle meat the experienced athletes and fitness professionals in our team understand the importance of a high protein diet and it being your first priority to improve body composition, health and athletic performance. The farmers and butchers of the Muscle Meat team ensure our meat and poultry is of the highest quality possible.

With our experienced fitness advice will help you achieve your goals, and overall improve your health.

Our website will give you the information to optimise your training, improve your physiques and health through the quality of your meat and poultry, alongside the nutritional and training advice the site will supply.

Our extensive ranges of products are continually increasing as we continue to source more exotic meats for you to add to your diet.

Contact us with any enquiries and will endeavour to answer all questions

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