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Photography & Videography

Rebecca Andrews Productions


Rebecca Andrews has been part of the fitness and bodybuilding industry for over a decade. As young as 8yrs old Rebecca's love for fitness and training came from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Through Rebecca's photography and artistic eye in how she captures the physique through her work, In 2013 Rebecca Andrews Films was born. Enabling the company to offer more original and unique concepts when capturing the athlete.

Since 2013, Rebecca has worked with the best athletes in the world!

A portfolio of clients from Ulisses, Simeon Panda, Kai Greene, Ben Pakulski, Jaco de Bruyn, Andreia Brazier, AMI fitness publications Global supplement companies, and clothing companies such as Gymshark; Rebecca has developed a household name/ brand in the industry.

Rebecca works with athletes from

All levels! And all sport cultures!

from amateur to professional.

Rebecca Andrews Productions offers not only a bespoke high quality experience & end result!

The company believes in building strong relationships with the client to help achieve their goals in online video and commercial marketing.

For enquiries contact Rebecca


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