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Frequently Asked Questions

For competitors/clients

What is the purpose of myPrepCoach?

myPrepCoach is an online comparison sight built for potential clients looking for a suitable prep coach.

How much does it cost to hire a coach?

Each coach will have their own individual tariffs, you will need to contact them directly.

Where are the coaches based?

The myPrepCoach database stretches around the world. All coaches can be searched for by location, and you can also search for coaches who will deal with you online.

How do I know which coach is best for me?

Depending on your goals, each coach can specify which category they specialise in, if any. Also, the rating and feedback from current or previous clients will give you a good idea.

Are the coaches just online?

We have online and personal coaches available for you to choose from worldwide.

How many coaches are there on this site?

Numbers are rising every day from all over the world. The full list is available from our Find a Prep Coach page.

Can you help me find the best coach for me?

Absolutely! If you can’t find the coach you are looking for, we can shortlist a few that we recommend. Please contact us.

When do I leave my ratings for your coach

After you have completed your programme with your coach, you can visit that coach’s myPrepCoach profile-page and rate them on multiple criteria.

For coaches

How much does it cost to be listed on myPrepCoach?

The basic package for prep coaches is FREE. The free package has some limitations on the amount of information it makes available to potential clients.

Above the free-tier, we have three tiers of membership for monthly fee, with each tier granting improved content options for your myPrepCoach profile.

What are the benefits with being on my prep coach?

  • Gain recognition for your hard work and increase your rating
  • Be on the only online interactive comparison site which is growing rapidly worldwide
  • Gain clients and revenue
  • Promote your brand
  • Feedback all in one place

Will I get more clients if I sign up?

This is the primary aim of myPrepCoach, to expose your hard work and increase your client base.

What kind of info will I need to share if I sign up

  • Basic details
  • Bio about yourself
  • Profile picture
  • Opportunity for video promo(s)
  • Client progress pictures
  • Anything else? Please make suggestions – just ask! We want myPrepCoach to work for you.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email our customer service team and they will respond to you within 48 hours.

Note that any remaining time left on a monthly (or longer period) subscription will not be refunded.

How does the ratings system work?

Our software uses algorithms to enable your ratings to rise or fall fairly. Ratings are based on an average across all votes across multiple categories, as shown in your coach profile page, combined with automatic ratings you’ll receive as a result of your clients achieving placings in competitions.

Can I have clients from the past enter their ratings for me?

Yes you can. Please ask them to join myPrepCoach, and leave ratings and comments on your profile, accordingly.

How long does it take to get on the site once I sign up?

Your profile will be authenticated by our team within 2–5 days, and often within an hour or so. We aim to be responsive.

Is there an upgrade option as a coach to get featured on myPrepCoach?

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to share some interesting information orto be featured on this website and/or in our social media channels, then we have options for you to choose from. Please contact us.

How can I get noticed as a coach amongst all the other coaches?

Share your page with all your clients and encourage them to rate you; fill out all the information about yourself on your profile, including photos and videos; ensure you and/or your clients identify you as the coach who has influenced any competition placings; and promote your profile on social media. We will be introducing more features in due course, to allow you to enhance your myPrepCoach profile.

What do I need, to be regarded as a “prep coach”?

A track record, and you should always check on your own insurance and fitness qualifications to ensure you are able to competently look after your clients.

Can I share my feedback I get from clients on social media.

Yes, of course. All information can be shared with ease onto your preferred social media platforms. While this site as a whole is copyright of myPrepCoach, you retain all copyright in your materials uploaded to your profile (such as photos, videos) and we grant reproduction rights for any comments made about you on your profile.