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Craig Lee

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Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Posing, Classic, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Juniors, Strength/Endurance

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Coached since May 1996


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I am Craig Lee.

I have 23yrs bodybuilding experience as both a competitor and coach.

  • Certified Nutritionist SAC Dip.
  • WABBA Certified weight training instructor L4

My Contest record

  • 1998 EPF Junior class winner
  • 2011 UKBFF Muscletalk Class & Overall winner
  • 2011 UKBFF UK Finals Intermediates 3rd
  • 2012 UKBFF Kent classic U100kg 2nd
  • 2013 UKBFF Stars of tomorrow U100kg 1st
  • 2016 PCA Muscletalk Class 2 winner
  • 2017 PCA Musclworks Masters ???

I am exclusivly on-line and coach internationally

£200 pcm contest/phot shoot prep & off seasion coaching

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Glen K.

Mon 18 Sep 2017 @ 13:57

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Craig Lee's wisdom and knowledge of all things Nutritional, Is way above and beyond anybody else that I've seen or heard of. Speaking to him directly you immediately understand that this is a guy who's not only very passionate about what he does but has a tremendous amount of wisdom within his field.

His attention to detail is spot on, everything is well thought through. With it clear as day to see that his programmes are tailored to exactly you. There is no copy and paste about this guy.

I would recommend all to use him, haven't a bad word to say. Let the results do the talking and you wont regret it one bit

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