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Will Griffiths

Men’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Posing, Classic, Transformation, Muscle Model, Juniors

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since January 2012

WQG Training

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I've trained and competed for the past 5 years and I'm currently working my way through my ISSA nutrition qualification. I am always keen to experiment and find better ways to do things and know that everyone is different and reacts to things in very different ways - so a one size/cookie cutter routine is certainly not what you will get working with me and I aim to teach all my clients how to be a better and smarter bodybuilder!

I have competed with both the UKBFF and NABBA organisations and been invited to finals in both federations. I really enjoy the challenge of prep and helping people through this using my own personal experience, as well as the experience gained from working with numerous clients during competition season.

I use various training methods with clients knowing that each one responds differently, having worked with many top coaches I have developed my own system of workouts and way of doing things that will bring a new edge to your workout routines and lagging bodyparts.

I feel my main skill and value is in keeping a very personal and close eye on everyone I work with. That means I'm fully accessible 24/7 by phone aswell as through my main weekly email updates. I believe the skill in coaching lies in making the correct adjustments at the right times to keep my clients on track and knowing exactly when to PUSH and turn the screw to bring the best package possible to stage.

Above all else I am in full belief you should be the most conditioned athlete on stage so with any client that is always our goal and what I aim to help you bring on the day - so if that's your aim I'm your coach!

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