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Deziree Slusher

Bikini, Fitness, Posing, Beach-body, Transformation, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Juniors, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online
Private coaching delivered in United States

Coached since January 2013

Dezi Fit
San Jose
United States

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I have spent 3 years in the competing industry. I have experienced & seen the good, the bad & the ugly. When I first enter this sport I had no idea what to except nor what was right or wrong. I was just doing what I was told to do never asking why. Because of this my body went through a lot of turmoil. Mentally, physically & spirtiualy I delt with a lot of post comp issues.

Being a surgical nurse for 6 years I decided to put my education to use & start learning how the body adapts to certain foods & training styles. I didn't want another person to go through what I did. And I'm not the only one. You will see many post comp athletes struggling with very serous health issues.

Competing should be a fun sport & hobby. You shouldn't feel like it's a chore spending 2-4 hours a day in the gym. You shouldn't be on low calorie diets, eating tilapia or cutting out all carbs.

I'm a health advocate who specializes in proper nutrition, sports & athletic training that will give you the results you need with out running you through the mill!

My clientele is very diverse from college athletes, power lifters, Pro & Amature MMA fighters, triathletes & fitness competitors. My clients work with me because food is going to give you the results you need & the training is secondary. The understanding of proper nutrition is what's going to always give you the win!

Best wishes,

Coach Dezi

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