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Oliver Wise Fitness

Strength: Communication

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online
Private coaching delivered in England

Coached since June 2014


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Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutrition & Weight Management, Bsc In Exercise Science with Sports Nutrition. Physique Development Specialist.

I assess clients current lifestyles, paying attention to dietary intake and eating habits, exercise activity levels and psychological well-being. After assessment I create bespoke nutrition and training plans that cater to the clients preferences, needs and goals.

I provide 1-1 support via email, Skype and other online contact. I adjust diet and training plans accordingly upon weekly progression analysis. If you want to work with a coach who gets results and can break science down into simple terms and teach you the fundamentals of fat loss and muscle gain then get in contact.

To work with me you must require a strong work ethic and be able to follow instruction. Discipline and mental strength are key to long term adherence and success.

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Sam W.

Thu 22 Aug 2019 @ 12:57

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Ollie has been providing me with training programming and nutrition advice since the summer of 2014, over 5 years now! His attention to detail in every aspect has seen me make incredible gains both strength and size during that time! Not only that but the changes I’ve gone through mentally since working under his guidance have allowed me to develop other elements in my life!
Ollie’s knowledge and experience can take you from the couch to beach ready or like me, from average gym goer to prepping for bodybuilding competitions!
I found Ollie online via his Facebook and Instagram profile and have developed a friendship during the time he’s been coaching me, top guy!

Samantha G.

Sat 28 Nov 2015 @ 15:18

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The best thing that Oliver has provided me in his program is an entire transformation of my mind and attitude. Before using Oliver's program I thought of fitness and the eating that goes with it as a strict and restricted practice, but Oliver has shown me how to be real about it and as a result I can live, balance and enjoy my life whilst achieving my gym and body goals. And most importantly, I can eat all my favourite things. In addition, the workouts are so much fun and rewarding, he is prompt and thorough at responding to emails and he is great at addressing my individual needs, ie. reverse dieting. Oliver certainly knows what he is doing and is fantastic at it.

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