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Zac Leason

Strength: Programme Design

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Juniors, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online
Private coaching delivered in England

Coached since June 2015

Team Lionheart
Stoke on trent

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Brand new Team Lionheart Online training and coaching, offering a variety of services to suit personal needs, aims and goals to be your best and unleash your potential, although i am newly qualified i have competed myself for 4years, and in the past helped others through their journey to stage , this all played a part in me wanted to better myself and help other, which in the end is why i decided to get qualified.

don't hesitate and enquire to zac1450@hotmail.co.uk or send me a private message for information .

IFBB qualified

Competitive bodybuilder

Sponsored athlete

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Jack R.

Mon 20 Mar 2017 @ 13:34

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As one of Zac's original competitive members I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made. I started prep with him with low ambitions to win a local show.
He took it a step further and helped me win a local show, gain two British championship titles and a second place in the world championships in LA. He always goes the extra mile to ensure you can be the best you can be. This is why I I'm continuing my so far successful off-season with him.

Andrew M.

Wed 28 Sep 2016 @ 4:36

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When I joined Teamlionheart in November 2015 I was at my lowest point in my life. I was looking for someone to take me under their wing and help me to get my life back in order and get myself back on my feet as I wasn't in a good place. I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety etc and was also in a very bad physical shape.
With Zac's help I have lost a whopping 3 1/2 stone or 42 lbs in weight. I still have a long way to go but I know with Zac's excellent expertise and knowledge I know I can achieve my goals which is to get into the best possible shape of my life with a view to eventually competing. I literally owe my life to Zac and can't thank him enough for all that he has done for me over the last 10 months that I've been working with him. I look forward to continuing to work with him and can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an online Personal Coach.

Jack S.

Tue 27 Sep 2016 @ 18:31

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After joining team lionheart and having zac as my coach I lost over a stone in 2 months and became the most shredded I have ever been in my life, this exceptional level of coaching shines across all his clients and is without a doubt a master of what he does. Alongside this I've recently become vegan and he has supported me and adapted to my new requirements, this shows he's capable of more than just a simple diet plan and in fact is quite knowledgeable across all possible dietary requirements. Overall he's an amazing coach and a great friend.

Steve W.

Tue 27 Sep 2016 @ 17:25

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An exceptional coach with a fantastic eye for detailin the 24 weeks ive worked with zac ive gained more muscle than ive ever carried before while losing 4 stone and 11" off waist. Im now 6 weeks out from a show i never thought id make but thanks to his positive attitude ive been driven hard into a place where i actually think i can win

Si E.

Thu 21 Jul 2016 @ 11:13

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Tailored my plan to fit in with a busy life and offered support and advice, i asked a lot of questions. I didn't want to loose weight but gain muscle mass whilst maintaining a sensible overall weight and look. The plan given matched these goals and worked well for me. Tweaked throughout so it wasn't boring and kept me moving forward.

zoe G.

Wed 7 Oct 2015 @ 17:34

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Zac has been great I'm a mum of 2 and have been struggling with Any weight loss and cutting any muscle definition....I turned to zac for advice and he put me on this programme ...the response was fast and a detailed programme was sent to my email..it was detailed with a diet plan a weight plan and varied meal plans ..
Any questions and trust me I had loads he answered within a week I have noticed a diffrence ...this plan has made me excited about cooking again and enjoying the gym.....I'm already excited for next months programme

Natalie W.

Wed 7 Oct 2015 @ 15:35

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Zac is friendly, supportive and hugely knowledgeable. He makes time for his clients and ensures enough detail is given within his plans and that his clients fully understand what they have been given.
The information provided for peak week and support given was way above what I expected and a great result for my prep.

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