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Glenn Richardson

Strength: Communication

Fitness, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since January 2015

GR Body Composition Coach

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Prep specific to every individual for natural or assisted , diet and training (including supplement and vitamin advice)

Each week program changed and bespoke to your weak points , No generic plans !!

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Phil S.

Mon 17 Oct 2016 @ 8:05

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Glenn has been a fantastic, I have never competed and had no idea what to expect, he has always created meal and training plans, detailed peak week plan and show day support, he's always there for you, nothing he does in generic, it's all reasearched and specific to my individual needs.

Diet and training plans are re written almost weekly depending on my checkin results.

I would and do recommend Glenn to everyone I meet, and I see me continuing to use his services for some time to come.

Olly P.

Sun 1 May 2016 @ 21:19

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Glenn goes above and beyond a typical coach; he does more than just sending plans. He is always there to support you during any stage of your prep. His passion for coaching shines through. I officially did a 12 week prep with Glenn but he did give me some coaching and advise for the 2 weeks prior, just so he could get accustomed to how my body would react to different things. Diet and workouts change according to your own changes and progress. There is no generic plans copy and pasted.

Phill K.

Mon 19 Oct 2015 @ 10:23

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I worked with Glen around 6-8 weeks prior to competing. I can't fault his intelligence and communication every week having a weigh in and pictures and emphasising the importancy of it all. Every week diet and training programmes altered to fine tune things. Looking forward to working with him again for my next competition and would highly reccomend to anyone. Thank you Glen!!!! 👍🏼🏆

Vic S.

Tue 6 Oct 2015 @ 11:43

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I have been training for many years and have a lot of experience but he taught me a lot! I did a 12 week prep with him and it being my 1st comp I didn't know what to expect and fair to say had reservations & nerves about the whole process. He was a welcome reassurance in the face of a daunting task! He laid out a high level phased plan & clearly communicated how we would tweak it along the way depending on progression. Each week he sent a detailed training & nutritional plan for the week ahead giving me enough time to prep & followed that up with a face to face meeting or call. No question was too small & he covered anything I didn’t understand. Can’t fault the service, professionalism & support provided. What stood out to me about him is that he treats his clients with a desire to really see them succeed. The desire & passion is evident! He asked me to do a very simple thing & that was to trust him & the process & I did so & am glad I did. Great coach & would recommend to anyone!

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