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Strength: Programme Design


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Coached since September 2005


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Chris M.

Wed 2 Mar 2016 @ 9:22

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Phil completely shocked me with his extensive knowledge and professionalism, he met all my expectations and my goals. My photoshoot was one of the most proudest moments of my life and without Phil I couldn't of done this in 7 weeks!! Great great guy!! Wouldn't have anyone else coach me!!

Anna W.

Wed 11 Nov 2015 @ 21:28

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This guy I joked is worth his weight in gold....well he proved to me he is! Wouldn't go to anyone else as I have the best! 3rd coach I've worked with. Phil uses modern Forward thinking tried and tested prep methods and knows what he's doing to the letter. Follow Phil exactly and you'll place. Majority have.....actually think all his team have! Including me! 6 weeks prep and Phil turned me into a bikini gir and ibfa /pca finalist..... Looking forward to next 7 months ahead wirh Phil guiding me to win more trophies.... Also decent trustworthy and loyal Chao. Cant recommended Phil enough! And is definitely worth his weight in gold x Anna x

Laura M.

Tue 10 Nov 2015 @ 22:04

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I've had Phil prep me for my first ever show starting just 7 weeks after having my second baby, his support and knowledge has been tremendous, I started at 67kg and came down to 53.3kg!!
The diet has been second to none with re feeds weekly keeping me sane. I never thought I'd step on stage but did 8 months later. If your looking for someone to get you in to shape safely and correctly then look no further Phil is your man and I'm so happy with my results and can't wait to compete again all under his watchful eye. Money well spent and so thankful for that. Onto the next stage and wouldn't have anyone else prep me.

Rebecca S.

Wed 7 Oct 2015 @ 14:10

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I used Phil for my show last year and I can honestly say he was amazing from start to finish,f if you want someone who will let you slack don't choose Phil he expects 100% from you so you get the best result you can .
Phil was on hand 24/7 through his private online forum and training was hard but fair he really knows his eggs and bacon when it comes to technique and what parts of you body you need to bring up .
Diet for me is hard as eating the same foods can be extreamly boring but my prep was varied and Phil comes up with lots of little ways to make it more bearable, the best part is the carb load on a Sunday time to indulgee on all the foods and carbs you have missed.
I came 5th place in my first Miami pro comp out of 35 girls so I was very happy and I'm currently working with him during my off season with diet, therapy and training to go on to bigger and better and leaner things ☺️ Becky.

sarah P.

Sun 27 Sep 2015 @ 21:50

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I recommend anyone who has a sweet tooth to Phil 😜.
His style of refeeding kept me sane all through prep and never craving too much,as Phil has prepped for a show himself along side me, he is very understanding and supportive when your feeling low.
I've achieved amazing results since having Phil as a prep coach and have every faith in him and can't wait to carry on post show prep.no need to struggle and suffer through prep.
Come and be one of Phil's trophy girls and guys🏆👙💪🏆

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