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Laura Leeson

Strength: Friendliness

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Posing, Beach-body, Transformation, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Juniors, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since January 2010

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Laura Madge - WBBF Worlds Figure

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Shelley N.

Sat 17 Oct 2015 @ 14:48

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Laura is brilliant at what she does!

I loved Laura from my first session; she is professional and motivating and I feel in good hands with her. She is a really genuine and caring person and takes the time to check how you are feeling before you get started on a workout and then adapts the plan if needed.

I asked Laura for a 100% vegan meal plan to support my training goals, it had to be simple with very minimal cooking and she came through and gave me exactly that.

Laura is so dedicated and inspiring, I would recommend her to absolutely anyone wanting to reach their highest potential.

Victoria E.

Mon 12 Oct 2015 @ 6:33

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I started using Laura in November 2014. She was everything I had been looking for and more. I straight away felt she made all the time in the world for me. Answering any questions as soon as she is able. Even the silly ones... as she much rather you ask plenty than none at all. Within a week of starting, I noticed a change in my body. Proving the mix of the training/nutrition plan was working. When I told Laura in Janunary 2015 I wanted to compete in the May WBFF, I said I didn't just want to compete, I wanted to win. Within 5 months I was on that stage in the best shape of my life. My confidence was high and in my FIRST competition in the highly glamorous and prestigious WBFF, I came in second. This was all due to the outstanding support throughout prep, from Laura. In this time I believe I have found not only the perfect coach but a really special friend!
So, dont waist money and your time on internet or hearsay diets. Contact Laura and set out your goals and reach for the stars

katie B.

Sat 10 Oct 2015 @ 13:11

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Laura was recommended to me by a close friend of mine back in September 2014. Since working with Laura, I have not only gained the physique that I have long desired, I have grown much more confident as an individual. So much so that I entered my first UKBFF competition in June 2015 and came a very respectable 2nd place with an invite to the British finals in October 2015.

Laura has been a pillar of strength in my chosen discipline by delivering bespoke diet plans, training schedule's and targets. She is always on hand to answer any questions or queries I have and gives comprehensive replies on every occasion.

I would highly recommend Laura's services as she is an individual that practises what she preaches as her accolades and reputation speak for themselves.

Chris B.

Fri 9 Oct 2015 @ 0:40

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Laura is a friendly, honest and supportive PT. She makes sure that your goals are at the forefront of everything she does - building a complete lifestyle package whilst making sure that it's something that you are able to maintain outside of her sessions. She provides support outside of her sessions even once making me a nigella style cooking video for some of her recipes! My goal was to lose weight and tone up - within a week I'd lost 4kg and 9 in total after week 3 - she delivers results if you are willing to put the effort in and her sessions are different every time meaning its not the same everyday - we also have a good laugh while training which is a plus!

Sara Y.

Tue 6 Oct 2015 @ 21:01

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Laura is a great PT who really wants the best for her clients. Our sessions are always different, never boring and always challenging. I would highly recommend her.

Mors A.

Sun 4 Oct 2015 @ 18:16

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I fist spoke to Laura because I needed to get my diet sorted in order to reduce body fat. She was very friendly, accommodating and willing to share her wealth of knowledge with me. Within the first week of receiving my new eating plan I noticed changes in my body. Laura is always on hand to assist me if I need extra pointers to keep me on track.
I have recommended Laura to many others since then and will continue to do so.

Rachel A.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 21:19

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I love training with Laura. I think it's important to train with someone who inspires you to push yourself to your own limits & Laura certainly does this.
I've achieved strength goals I didn't think I was capable of & I know she going to keep pushing me to get the best from me.
I can't recommend Laura enough!

Bronwyn H.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 20:55

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Laura continually pushes me past my limits, challenges me and gets inside my head. She always has something to add to my programmes to stop me getting bored and to continually push me. I am stronger than I have ever been.

I had watched Laura in the gym for about a year before I approached - I was and am I still in awe of dedication, strength and stamina in the gym - she practices what she preaches.

Tea G.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 16:59

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Had to postpone my prep because of personal reasons. But while working with Laura I got amazing results. Looking forward to work with her again and finally step on stage.

Darren B.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 16:07

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Upon starting a new gym I was recommended Laura as a personal trainer. I told her my goal of losing body fat and getting in shape for a holiday with a 12 week deadline.

She worked out my diet plan and programme straight away, with food that I liked and wasn't boring. The training programmes are great, with a totally different programme every 6 weeks it keeps training exciting and enjoyable.
Sessions never feel rushed, are fun and always pushes me.

At the end of the 12 weeks I lost 10kg's and got down to 7.5% body fat, the best shape I have ever been in.
Having used different gyms and PT's on and off for 18 years with not much results, I can say that it would not have been possible without Laura's help and advise.

I feel she is as focused as me on my goals and is always there to answer my many questions. I can't recommend Laura enough and am looking forward to working with her toward my new goals for the next year.

Wes T.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 15:42

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Having fallen out of shape and with a holiday coming up I decided to purchase a 12 week diet and training plan from Laura. Having previously trained with Laura I knew her knowledge and previous experience of competing would what I needed to get into the best shape of my life.

Laura provided me with meals plans tailored to my calorific needs, that were great tasting simple and easy to follow. She also provided training routines planned around my busy work week that demanding but enjoyable at the same time.

With Laura's weekly check-ins and her continual support my measurements and weight dropped each week from 78.3kg to 74.7kg over a 12 week period. I had a significant drop in bodyfat and all without any loss of performance - in fact I was much stronger than when I had started!

I can not recommend Laura enough, whether you are looking for competition training or for just getting in shape for a holiday. Laura's knowledge and support will get you were you want to be and further!

Jasmine L.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 14:47

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A few months ago I approached Laura for a meal plan with the aim of reducing my body fat percentage while maintaining as much of my muscle mass as possible. Laura wrote out a nutrition plan for me which I was to follow for 18 weeks . She tailored it to my body weight and training split. Immediately at the end of week 1 some weight came off and each week it continued consistently. Not only was her plan effective but she continued to follow up with me continuously. I really feel Laura is the kind of trainer that not only is an expert in her field of work but she genuinely wants to see her clients succeed and she will work with them to ensure their goals are met. I'm 35 and I've been training since my early 20s but Laura has gotten me in the best shape of my life. I have a body I never thought I would have in my 30s and I couldn't be happier. I am currently engaging her expertise to learn how to maintain my current body shape and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for results.