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Rosie Harte (ifbb Pro)

Strength: Communication

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Posing, Classic, Beach-body, Transformation, Figure/BodyFitness

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since November 2013

Cc-comp prep

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I've trained and competed for over 12 years, within this time I have always prepared my own diet and training regimes. I've learnt an incredible amount during this time and as a competitive bodybuilder I'm still learning all the time and enjoy passing on all this knowledge.

I have competed in figure, trained figure,bodybuilding and now womens physique. I have never had a placing lower than top 3 and have won two British titles and a 2nd and 3rd place at the Arnold's in Ohio. 2015 I received my IFBB pro card after winning the Amatuer Olympia, and overall. 2016 I won my first pro show and came 12th at the Olympia

I believe my main skills with competition lie in the fact I have a very good eye for perfect balance and aesthetics. I can see what a competitor needs to do to create that perfect physique and I have the training, supplementation and nutrition knowledge to make it a reality.

I can help a competitor with every single aspect of competing. All of your posing and routines will be taken care of.

I understand every person responds differently to prep, physically and mentally and everyone needs something completely different. Not one of my plans is the same as the next persons.

Time and care. You can ways get hold of me, 7 days a week I am available and I will always go out of my way for each and very one of my clients whether it's adjustments to diet and training or just a little bit of a confidence boost they need.

For me health is key, if you want to have long success in this sport you have to be healthy in your mind and body. I believe I have a great skill set for ladies (keeping absolute health and balance) and men to achieve this.

My motto, it's not the person that trains and diets the hardest that will win, it's the person that does it the smartest.

Ifbb Pro league

1st - 2016 Dallas Pro

12th - Olympia (rookie of the year award)


1st - 2015 Amatuer Olympia (overall champ

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Claire M.

Tue 16 Feb 2016 @ 9:45

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Rosie is very detailed in her approach, I needed advice and guidance on changing my shape and bringing in my waist more, shes an expert at this, i'd highly recomend her!

Jiri F.

Tue 15 Sep 2015 @ 16:40

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Rosie prepared me for my 1st ever competition and it was only because of her that I looked like never before in my life and that after 9 years of training and won my 1st competition later.
Her knowledge and politeness is I would say her strongest site diet was not just very effective but as well easy to prepare.
I could contact her any time and she would answer very quickly.
She helped me with my routine.training even got some of my supplements for me.
But the main point here is was she able to change my body to the point that I was happy with it? Yes she did a 100% job and I can't wait to work with her next year again.

vivian L.

Tue 15 Sep 2015 @ 14:24

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I’ve been working with Rosie for a year, through prep for 2 competitions. A prep coach will take away a lot of the stress and uncertainty, which will always come with competing and Rosie has a vast knowledge in all aspects of training & dieting, which ensures you get help with every little detail you need. It means, not only problems relating to your diet and training are coved but also if you have any issues relating to ex. bikini, tan, make-up or so on. There is nothing I can’t discuss with Rosie and she is super helpful and keeps calm and sensible, at times when you may not always be and changes you training or diet on the spot if required, to be able to get results. Rosie is constantly learning and educating herself to be able to improve and provide an even better service and I feel I have got much further with my own development due to this. And always, the most important is that you are feeling happy and healthy, in the plan she has for you and all is tailor-made to fit you

Walter R.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 22:01

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Rosie came to my rescue 2 weeks before my first ever Men Physique. A friend recommended Rosie to me for advice. Rosie helped me in that 2 weeks without asking for any payment. I could tell that she just wanted to help. To my surprise, I was invited to compete at the British Finals later that year. I asked Rosie to prep me for the 6 weeks leading to the finals. With her prep, I came 5th in Master's Men Physique. From October 2014 till May 2015, Rosie  devised a variety of training and diet plans bespoke to me. I competed in May 2015 at the UKBFF NW Qualifier and won my category Master's Men Physique with an invite to another British Finals. I definitely won because of her guidance, help, advice and immense knowledge. In the last 4 weeks, Rosie has changed my training and diet plans weekly to help me to grow and to supplement whatever I'm lacking. I have used 3 prep coaches before Rosie and by far, she's the best.

Shanice R.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 20:45

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Rosie was highly recommended to me - At 1st I was impressed with her physical appearance, but I would say it is her extensive knowledge that is the most impressive. You can't put a price on her experience!

Right from the initial meet through to the daily check ins, it's pretty clear that Rosie doesn't provide you with a 'generic' prep. She 100% tailors it & makes sure she understands YOUR body.

Not only does she look after the physical, she is continuously checking in on the emotional too.Those little personal touches definitely make the difference & keep you focused.

This is my 1st year competing in UKBFF bikini & we have been working together for 5months now- thanks to Rosie's guidance I have placed top 2 in all 3 comps I have done so far & also gained 3 invites along the way (Arnold Europeans, British Finals, Amateur Olympia).

Very honest, down to earth, nutrition, exercise, posing AND an all mighty booty to go with it ;) what more could you want? #TeamRASCAL

Ian H.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 20:12

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I have worked with Rosie twice now and she is a real star !!! She has got me in the best shape of my life with her diet and training plans.
She is committed to her work and in my opinion is one of the best prep coaches in the country !!
She made peak week easy with a clear and detailed plan to follow and is always available for contact on the phone.
Can't wait to work with her again next year once I've enjoyed some bulking food for a few months first !!!!

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