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Helen Derbyshire

Strength: Communication

Bikini, Fitness, Women’s Physique, Posing, Beach-body, Transformation

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since April 2014

Fierce & Fit
Nationwide / International

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Fierce & Fit has a large client base of females, nationally and internationally, helping those achieve any goal and improve their health and fitness. It is owned and ran by head coach Helen Derbyshire, 2 x UKBFF Welsh Bikini Champion and Ultimate best coach of 2015.

At Fierce & Fit, we believe support is key in achieving your goals. Fierce & Fit offers 24/7 support to all clients. We also believe health is first and foremost priority.

Fierce & fit is not limited to those who compete and around 90% of FNF client base does not compete, yet!

On our contest prep team so far we have achieved,

17 x 1st place

10 x 2nd place

4 x 3rd place

8 x Top 5

3 x Top 10

7 x Top 10-15 in Britain

2 x Overall Champions

2 x British Champion

When you join fierce & fit you receive close support, tailor made to your body but also your lifestyle and your preferences.

Monthly coaching / contest prep includes;

1-2-1 Check ins every week (bi-weekly for contest prep), monitoring your weight, photos and measurements in which I will tweak your plans accordingly depending on your progression to ensure you work towards your goal as efficiently as possible.

In depth new training plans every 4-6 weeks focused on the areas you wish to work on.

All supplementation / cardio / training / nutrition fully covered.

In addition, contest prep package includes;

Constant 24hr support.

What's app support group.

Team training once monthly.

Posing workshops/ stage presentation.

Advice/ support on tan/hair/bikini.

One off plans include;

One off nutrition plans are created for those who need structure or some direction in which way to go with their fitness goals, all plans are tailor made, lifestyle/schedule/preferences and dislikes all considered. No amendments or check ins included.

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Juliette W.

Fri 19 Feb 2016 @ 14:39

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As a past ED sufferer, I have constantly been battling with diets/fat loss. Badly managing my own diet & fitness resulted in low mood, binges, lack of energy, muscle loss & increased weight gain. It was a vicious circle. I’d thought about finding a PT or online coach. I was apprehensive about signing on with someone online due to stories of people being made to go on crash diets, however after the PT let me down I found Helen, & it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in 2015! She’s been brilliant, I’ve lost 10lbs in 12 weeks which is fantastic but also my confidence has been boosted. Helen consistently provided supportive feedback, & advice when needed, likewise made sure I stayed on track making amendments to my plan. Diet has been great & flexible – including weekly off plan meals! It’s been great having her & I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs that further boost & guidance. I’m looking forward to the next stage in my training! Thanks Helen x

Sheryl H.

Thu 18 Feb 2016 @ 21:31

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Ive been working with Helen on a lean muscle building plan for 14 weeks now & I love my training & food plans
Theyre easy to follow & Helen is always available if you have any queries and will respond quickly!
I have always enjoyed weight training being a member of a gym for 3 years also I admired the physiques of competitors and after trying to build muscle myself & failing I did my research and came across Helen!
I had followed Helen on social media along with many other bikini competitors & online coaches but Helens results & positive feedback from her clients stood out to me the most more than any other online coaches as her service seemed more personal & it certainly is! If you are reading our feedback & wondering whether to join I wouldn't recommend Helen enough & one of my friends also joined on to the January package & is also loving her results! I also had a stranger come upto me in the gym & tell me how much leaner I am looking! My results are amazing from only 14 weeks!

Jan G.

Tue 16 Feb 2016 @ 21:02

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I have worked with Helen via online for the past 16 weeks. I was your typical "skinny fat" person and couldn't bear to look at my reflection. During this time I have learnt so much, made huge progress and gained valuable confidence!! I love Helens no bullsh*t approach to training and nutrition. Following a nutritionalplan has always been my weakest point due to lack of will power and that 'deprived' feeling. I love how Helen tailors plans around likes and Dislikes and I absolutely do not feel deprived!!
Even though I have never met Helen in person it certainly doesn't feel that way! She is extremely professional, thorough and instantly puts you at ease, even via email!!
I am so happy with my progress to date and I can't thank her enough for her all time and expertise!!
With Helen you will most definitely get results... But only if you follow her advice and honestly put the work in! Highly recommended!! X

Sue K.

Tue 15 Dec 2015 @ 21:06

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This lady has been my training & nutrition coach for 11 weeks. I am 48 years old and a non competitor but i choose to check in weekly with Helen as this suits me. During the 11 weeks of following my taylor made nutrition and training plan i have lost 1 stone 5lbs i can honestly say i have never felt hungry and i really enjoy following my training plan my body shape has changed so much more than i could ever of dreamed of. i used to feel frumpy,i don't anymore. Helen offers 24hr support and an amazing wealth of knowledge on Training and Nutrition. Invest in yourself ladies get the body you dream of because i know i am.

Lee-ann R.

Tue 15 Dec 2015 @ 15:30

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I have Been with Helen for 3 weeks and absolutely love it. She is very professional and means business, but also lovely and friendly at the same time. She has an amazing knowledge on nutrition and I am still aching after every training session. I'm so excited to see the end result of my prep as I am already seeing such massive improvements.

samantha W.

Wed 2 Dec 2015 @ 9:58

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I have been working with Helen for about 9 weeks now, and i definitely believe its the best decision i could have made! Helen really works with you on a personal level, you feel the 1:1 support and know that the plans she created are catered to you and your needs specifically. I have made great progress in the last 9 weeks, i couldn't doubt for a second she knows 100% what she is doing and i trust her judgement completely. It s so inspiring and motivating to have a coach who practises what they preach! With Helen, you also feel like your getting a friend, not just a coach! She is very supportive, and with fiercenfit you feel like you're joining a little team, being part of a growing family with girls who constantly support each other. I couldn't recommend her enough, I would advise any one who asked me to work with Helen...and I'm super excited to see where she can help me get to with my first competitions this coming year! :D

Faye P.

Wed 2 Dec 2015 @ 9:18

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I have worked with Helen for nearly 12 weeks and love every minute of the programme she has designed for me!
The progress I have made is amazing and the support Helen gives me is spot on when ever I have questions she's straight away there with the answer!
Helen makes me feel part of the team and is so passionate about helping us girls transform our bodies I love where I am at and couldn't have done it without Helen.
Team Fierce and Fit :)
Helen is by the best coach and love how inspiring she is!!!

Kathryn S.

Wed 2 Dec 2015 @ 8:58

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Since joining Helen Derbyshire and the Fierce and Fit team I've made massive improvements to my shape during my offseason ready to start prep in January. I have never trained so intensely and have definitely gained my passion back for training.

Helens diet and training plans are detailed and effective and designed specifically for you. She is always available to offer support and answer any questions at any time.

Would definitely recommend Helen to anyone wanting to compete or to anyone who would like to improve their health.

Anna L.

Wed 2 Dec 2015 @ 8:42

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I've only recently started workout with Helen. She is amazingly supportive, once I jo Need fierceandfit Helen added me to a group with her other competitors. Not only having her support, but the support of people going through the same experience is so motivating! Helen's routines change as i need them to and I'm doing new workouts I've never tried before! If I have any questions or when I heck in each week Helen responds almost immediately. I would 100% recommend Helen to any competitor!

aimee O.

Mon 30 Nov 2015 @ 13:56

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I've been working with Helen for just under 6 weeks with the hope to compete in 2016. Helen has been more than just a coach she is becoming more like a friend, her advise and knowledge on nutrition and training is exceptional! She is always there when you need her and always replies within the hour to every question you ask no matter how big or small. I would highly recommend Helen, she is professional, supportive and knows exactly what she is talking about. If your looking for a coach that you can rely on and trust, Helen is definantly your girl :) xxxxxx

Kadie S.

Wed 25 Nov 2015 @ 15:17

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I have worked with Helen for 6 weeks now and I am delighted with my progress. Helen plans your diet around your likes/dislikes etc and her training programs are brutal and goal focused. She is very quick to respond and will answer any question you might have. She gives good advice and makes you feel part of the team. Will be starting competition prep with Helen in February 2016 and I can't wait :)

Fiona D.

Tue 15 Sep 2015 @ 6:24

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I'm 47 and spent my entire life trying to lose those last 10 lbs. I spent since I was 14 dreaming about bodybuilding but never had the right info to achieve what I wanted. The gyms never got how serious I was prepared to be.
Finally I found Helen. She has given me exactly the right advice to change my body the way I wanted. She has tailored a plan which fits my busy life (full time career, mother) and the team as a whole inspires me as we cheer each other on and share our successes. I am down from 68 kgs to 55 kgs and my body improves week on week.

Nadia G.

Tue 15 Sep 2015 @ 1:10

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Helen is a great coach, my plans were tailored especially for me and were tweaked accordingly. Helen gave me a lot of motivation and determination that has changed my lifestyle. I now enjoy working out at the gym and I understand nutrition and how important it is! Helen was always honest with her feedback and a very quick response. Had amazing results with Helen and I'm sure you will too!!

Michelle C.

Mon 14 Sep 2015 @ 16:33

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I have been with Helen for a few months now and was the best thing I did. I've always had a problem with binge eating and since I've been with Helen I haven't felt the need to binge. The plan is tailored to my needs and really enjoy all the food on it, doesn't feel like I'n on diet but a plan for life. My plan gets tweaked most weeks mostly food increase which is great ha. I can't fault Helen as a coach she really is there for each and every one of us and can't recommend here enough.

Toni G.

Mon 14 Sep 2015 @ 13:22

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I came to Helen when my twins were around 1 and a half years old. Having had 4 children I had gained a lot of excess baggage that I wanted gone and dispite lots of failed attempts at different diets, just couldn't seem to shake the weight off. As soon as I started Helens plans I saw changes very quickly! She was always on hand to offer support and answer any questions that I had ( they were endless lol) I lost a total of 31lbs in about 20 weeks. To say a transformation was an understatement. Not only did my body change my mind and confidence also had an overhaul. I really couldn't have achieved this without the support and excellent plans from Helen, and even now when I am no longer paying for her services she still gives me advice! A brilliant coach and worth every penny!

Sammy B.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 22:18

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I am literally one month in to my plan with Helen... I have known of Helen a while and always admired her work ethic and she has been very much an inspiration for me (we train in same gym).
Deciding to become part of Helens team has been just what I needed to take myself to another level with her knowledge and expertise... Simply something I feel I couldn't do alone and haven't achieved by myself.
Helen literally makes herself available 24/7. Always answering queries, questions and concerns. I really appreciate Helens honesty!!! It's what u need to hear not what u want to hear... But backed up with support and that helping nudge. I know that Helen will help me reach my goals... It's early days and changing a lifetime of habits has been hard, but I am supremely confident in Helen... Her work and results speak for themselves #fact.
I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go and know that Helen will support whichever route I wish to take. Cannot rate Helen enough

Lili F.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 18:51

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I have joined Helen's team as a regular client after a year of not training caused by severe back injury. Through couple of months of training I have lost over 20lb and re-gained my confidence in the gym. At all times I have had exceptional support from Helen, speedy replies to endless questions and all the way support and encouragement with getting back to fitness. Now , in contest prep, I cannot recommend her enough. Always engaged , honest with feedback , detailed with next steps and changes made to plans and workouts, supportive and all of this followed with tremendous sense of humour and a circle of girls who exchange experience and their journeys. Helen has managed to build a strong team of beautiful girls from all walks of life and the results of the team and her speaks for themselves. Could not make better choice and I look forward to the next stages of my prep as well as working with her off season. xx

Rachael T.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 16:30

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Cannot fault Helen as a coach. She understands individual needs well and is able to adapt plans quickly. Her response timing with concerns and questions anytime day or night is amazingly quick. She definitely knows her stuff and team FnF is growing big and fast. Weekly check ins are always responded to quickly and honestly with support and adaptations when required. I have total confidence in her. All you need to do is look at her and her team. The results of these fab hardworking ladies speak for themselves. Xx

Miriam K.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 11:14

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Working with Helen is the best decision I made, she makes competition prep a lot easier with her on point knowledge of nutrition and training, fantastic organisation, and support when ever you need it!
She never fails to respond to a question and ways ensures you are getting what you need!
She is friendly but honest at the same time. Ie she will tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear!
I always have 100% trust and confidence in Helen to get me to reach my potential.
With Helens help I have managed to reach the British finals this year - couldn't recommended her highly enough!!

Carlyjayne G.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 9:45

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I cannot recommend helen enough..the time she takes to create your training plan an diet is second to none...if u have a question u will have an answer within minutes maybe an hour not days like some others... she cares about ur health and wellbeing and will make changes suited to ur body nt make generic diets for a one size fits all...if u want to get in shape or compete then come to helen...best decision I ever made xx

Jessica B.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 9:37

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I joined fiercenfit and started working with Helen in May and since then I've competed In 2 shows and now three weeks out from the British finals!!! I never could of gotten where I am if it want for Helen. She's treated me as individual and put all her time and effort in to tailoring my plans to fit my lifestyle and not just provides me with a bog standard plan you hear of some coaches giving out to everyone.
I've had many amendments changed to my plan, sometimes weekly as my body was responding to fast so Helen upped my food each week....yes that's right more food!!!
Helen Is there for you day or night and nothing is ever to much effort for her, she will lead you by the hand the whole way if needs be.
It's only my first year competing but I can see this becoming my lifestyle for the foreseeable future, as I love what I do now, Ive loved seeing my progress over the 4 months and can't wait to see what another 12 months could bring!!

Kim W.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 9:01

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I've been working with Helen for over a year now. With her help this year I accomplished my goal of stepping on stage for the first time! I honestly can not thank her enough for her continued support and honest feedback. She has my complete trust with both my nutrition and training as I know she puts my health first. I love my team and love my coach. If you put in the work she will 100% get you the results!

Amy M.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 8:57

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I have always been into fitness , so I decided I would like to bikini compete , but I was not the greatest on eating the right diet !
Even though I ate good foods I ate crap foods also ! So I went on the search for a nutritionist and was recommended by many girls off a page on face book that Helen was amazing what she did !
So I messaged Helen and not only did I get diet plan I got planned workouts throughout the week ! Even better I thought ! as now I can just go the gym and follow the program ! Instead of me overtraining all the time for hours ! I thought I new quite allot when I signed up to Helen , but gosh was I wrong ! I Have learned so much from this lady and Can't recommend her enough . We also have a great team for Support that is amazing ! The girls on there are so lovely too ! Xx

Charnine D.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 8:51

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I have been working with Helen nearly 6 weeks now and she has been fab. I contacted her as I was a regular gym user but wasn't seeing the results for the amount of hours I was putting in. But since Helen has given me a diet plan that has been tailed to foods I like and enjoy eating, the training plans are exciting and have kept me really motivated to train each week. Ive started seeing results like never before and now think why didn't I contact her any sooner. I'm still in the early stages of my transformation for my wedding but I know Helen will help me hit my goal.

Debs V.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 8:27

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I love working with Helen. She is everything you want in a coach. She made me believe in myself! I know it sounds a bit snore, but I lacked self confidence and belief, I didn't think I could step on stage, I was ready to tap out and take early retirement. She coaches and trains me as an individual. She got to know me, what I'm like, my lifestyle, etc. She puts us as individuals first, above everything. In terms of pecking order, I put myself last, even the dog has a higher ranking! Helen makes it about you, which is refreshing. We talk constantly (I had to increase my data allowance) we make changes to diet and training when needed, etc.
Helen is so passionate about this industry and what she does. It's infectious, you start loving what you do. You feel so motivated and inspired.
I couldn't do it without her!

Caitlin T.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 8:22

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I first joined Helen in September 2014 with the aim of dieting down for a holiday - Helen provided me a with a detailed nutrition and training plan and I quickly fell in love with the whole process. In January 2015 my goal was to compete in the bikini class and Helen helped me plan a date and provided me with all the support and encouragement I needed to set me on my way. I rarely went a day without speaking to Helen and she monitored my progress and adjusted my plans when necessary. I have now competed in two shows and cannot thank Helen enough for completing transforming my phsique. I have heard some horror stories along the way about prep coaches and it has made me truly greaful for choosing Helen and making my experience the best it could be!

Suzanne M.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 8:02

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I have worked with Helen for a while ow and can honestly say she has your best interests at hearts, she spends so much time on all her girls and nothing is too much for her she has made numerous changes to my diets if I have asked and tailors each diet individually. Helen definitely gets to know each persons body and what works for them whilst keeping your health as the most important factor.
Helen is so supportive, friendly and motivating but also will also tell you when you need kick. Couldn't ask for more in a coach and friend xx

Julie S.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 7:29

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I have been with fierce&fit for a year and a half and joining was the best decision I could have made.
Helen really has an exceptional level of knowledge and experience which is so important. I have had numerous tweaks to my diet and training plans and a result I am now in the best shape of my life and am now prepping for the British finals. Competing was the last thing on my mind when I joined but Helen has taken my physique and confidence to another level.
The support that I get from Helen is second to none and I really can't recommend her highly enough!!
Not only does Helen talk the talk but she also walks the walk. Competing herself and winning the Welsh title two years consecutively. She is an inspirational bikini athlete and fantastic coach!!

Amy M. W.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 22:45

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I joined Helen and the team towards the end of last year with the aim to compete this year. Helen helped me make my dreams come true as I competed in May in my first competition and won second place. I will be forever grateful to Helen for believing in me from day 1. Without Helen I wouldn't be where I am now and without her support and belief in me I wouldn't be the person I am today. Helen cares about each and every one of her clients and puts her heart and soul in to helping everyone to achieve their goal no matter how big or small, what more could you ask for!!

Charlotte T.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 22:34

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I have been working with Helen since the start of July and literally cannot rate this lady enough. The constant support and motivation is priceless and unrateable to me. I am currently sitting 5 weeks out from my first competition and have literally had to have my hand held through the entire thing because I am so clueless! Helen has tailored my diet and training around my life and work and I genuinely cannot thank her enough and I'm still so exciting for the final weeks of graft to see what we can achieve! The girls in team Fierce and Fit are a family and iv made some true friends for life! Thankyou Helen ❤️

Sophie C.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 22:20

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I was first introduced to Helen (Team fierce & fit) when she came to me for a sports massage. While chatting I found out about her dedication and devotion to nutrition and fitness. I have always been into keeping fit but always struggled with dieting as I work long hours and between two different jobs. Helen has changed not only the way I eat but the way I think about food! I am eating more , I am able to eat my food on the go and I'm seeing BIG results. Results I never thought I would achieve. She has helped me find the confidence that I thought I lost, she is not only my coach but my friend. Team fierce and fit are such a bunch of inspiring women who motivate each other on a daily basis. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing team created by an amazing woman ! Thank you Helen !!

Georgia T.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 21:31

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I haven't been working with Helen for too long but so far I couldn't ask for a more understanding, down to earth and dedicated coach. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she will go out of her way to accommodate your lifestyle and your goals. Not only that, she actually practises what she preaches and so you know you can trust her 110%. Couldn't recommend this girl more. Absolute pleasure to work with and an honour to be associated with someone who has the work ethic she has :)

Frankie G.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 21:09

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Helen is a fab coach, always there when ever I need her, what ever question I have she is always there with an answer , if there is something I dislike about my diet , Helen always comes up with an alternative that I can have, I struggled with motivated but Helen gave me a massive kick up the bum and I'm feeling more motivated than ever, I love the whole team feel and look forward to meeting everyone in the future.

Zoe M.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 21:01

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I originally started working with Helen back in 2014 with the goal of changing and improving my physique. Over a year later I have succumbed that goal by standing on stage as a bikini competitor for the first time EVER!!! Throughout my time with Helen and the team I have received unconditional and continous support throughout my off season, all through prep and post show. Her training and diet plans are specifically tailored individually, but are yet so easy to follow and of course easy to endorse, even with my very busy lifestyle. Any question asked, regardless how trivial, was answered with no hesitation and was always backed up with background knowledge. I could not recommend a better coach to help you reach your fitness goals whether it may be just shredding a few pounds to competing. All in all, great value for money and cannot wait to begin prepping again in future with Helen.

Emily A.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 20:36

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I started working with Helen in January 2015 for 3 months to generally improve my physique, during that time I learnt a great deal about weight training and fuelling my body correctly, gaining muscle whilst maintaining a lean physique, I was hooked! I then went travelling for three months and was gutted to leave Helen, so much so I continued to follow Helen's training plans as much as possible whilst I was away! On my return 3 weeks ago Helen welcomed me back to the team with open arms and I am now hoping to become a future competitor! I couldn't recommend Helen enough as a coach she's always on hand to answer any questions, however silly they may seem! She provides continuous support and tweaks my diet and training in response to my weekly check-in pictures and feelings. Helen is a great motivation and a fountain of knowledge, I look forward to continue working with Helen to prep for my first show!

Aimee B.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 20:25

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Helen is an amazing coach for people of all fitness levels who are looking to get fit, lose weight, build muscle, increase self esteem or compete. Helen is very approachable and considers your individual goals and needs to create a plan that works for you. I am so happy with my progress so far following Helen's advice. Highly recommend this girl!

Cara L.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 20:12

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ive worked with Helen now for 14 weeks and from week one I've seen amazing improvements in my body and mind. She knows exactly what she's talking about and she knows her stuff. I would recommend Helen to anyone who wants to change their body! My body's the best it's ever been. She makes your plans individually and to suit your lifestyle. She wants to know your likes and dislikes! Even tho Helen has a team of girls she always manages to get to know every girl individually. She gets to know how your body works and what's best for you as a person! Not only is she very talented in what she does she's a strong strong woman and a massive inspiration to me and all the girls in team fiercenfit!!!

Monika G.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 20:03

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I am lucky enough to be part of Helen's team. She is a great coach who really cares about you. The plans are always tailored and take into account personal likes and dislikes. Weekly checkins and ammendments as necessary. Training plans are amazing and always focused on your needs.
During prep Helens support is amazing. No hours on the treadmill or really low calories. Helen gets to know how your body works which allows to achieve the amazing results. No crazy protocols during peak week either. Helen always answers all the questions and supports you through tough and good times.

Naomi S.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 19:58

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Helen is a brilliant coach. Her plans are detailed and specific, and she is really motivated and easy to get on with. Even though she preps a lot of girls you couldn't tell. She is caring and treats everyone individually.

Bobbie E.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 19:55

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Absolutely delighted with my results! After working with Helen for 16 weeks, I got 2nd place in Bikini Tall and 1st place in ultimate model. She has completely transformed my body , especial my legs , which won me overall legs in the entire competition, we're now working to get me in even better condition for finals , as well as popping another show in between. Her support and guidance is unbelievable , she's a fantastic friend now , as well as a coach . With her support group I feel I am part of one large family , who support and help one another through each of our journeys. I highly recommend Helen as a coach for whatever goal you want to achieve.

tash E.

Sat 12 Sep 2015 @ 19:54

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Best coach you could ever wish for

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