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Brian Cannone

Bikini, Fitness, Posing, Transformation, Muscle Model

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since April 1998

Beyond Fitness LLC
United States

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Brian went into promoting fitness events with enthusiasm and a very genuine love for the sport! He had competed in AAU, NPC, Musclemania events and has been running one of the largest shows titled Fitness Atlantic since 1999 and he introduced the first WBFF show to the USA in 2003.

Brian's approach and feelings is that it is not only a sport but more of a way to motivate yourself and others to achieve results of loosing body-fat and gaining lean muscle along with improving overall health.

By competing in any division in a fitness show you push yourself to be in your best possible shape of your life.

In fact, he believes that it is more about the RESULTS you gain then the trophy you may take home with you.

This is a sport that the contestants can't loose for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting into great shape that is the reward.

Fitness Atlantic at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

Bodybuilding Posing Instruction

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