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Vishvjeet Dutta

Strength: Communication

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Posing, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model, Figure/BodyFitness

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since January 2004

Delhi NCR

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DTP transformation specialist level 2, Pro. Martial arts player more than 17 years of exp. In martial arts and more than 8years of exp. In fitness industry, a professional natural diabetic athlete helps you to achieve your goals without any steroids...stay fit stay healthy.... Stay shredded my friends...

pull ups



5.5 ft Box jump


planche hold

ripped back

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Ashish S.

Thu 17 Sep 2015 @ 7:44

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Very good at his work amazing physique with amazing nature down to earth very good at both one to one and online coaching one of the best in this field I know

Abhishek G.

Thu 17 Sep 2015 @ 3:30

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Best of the best


Wed 16 Sep 2015 @ 12:57

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Commendable and motivated professional with great enthusiasm and passion for work.

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