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Julia Hubbard

Strength: Post Competition Support

Bikini, Fitness, Women’s Physique, Posing, Beach-body, Transformation, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online
Private coaching delivered in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Wales

Coached since July 1997

Hubbard Athletic Natural Coach

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Natural Vegan 2019 ICN Worlds 3rd O40 Model. 2nd IPE Universe 2018 Muscle Beach Figure Champ, USA, IPE Pro Universe Champ, NPF Las Vegas Pro Show Champ, AAU Figure & Overall Champ, AAU Powerlifting British Record Holder Lifetime Masters Champ, 2017 World Fitness Model & Pro Figure Universe Champ, 17 Pro Titles Pro ANBF ICN IPL IPE IBFF NGA NPF PNBA WNBF 66 comps 4x World Champ 3 x Universe 3x Natural Olympia 6x British Champ

2019 Bekki 3rd NPA Britain, 2nd SW & best presentation , UKUP Welsh 2nd Bikini, 3rd Model Kim 1st Toned Figure NPA SW Anne 3rd Fitness Model, Fitness Physiques Beth 3rd UFE Figure. 1st PE Couples, Rosie 5th Pure Elite Bikini. 2018 Jo Bench Press World Record. Megan UNBA Universe Figure Champ PRO Q Beth 1st NPA SW Figure & 5th British, 1st Plymouth. Stef PE PRO 3rd Tattoo Muscle 2nd Pairs Charlotte FMC 1st FItness 1st Figure- PRO Q 2nd Bikini 3rd Inked, BNBF 4th Figure Bekki UKUP British, 3rd Model 4th Bikini Beginner Bodypower UKUP 3rd& 5thBikini/Model, Top 10 Bodypower Model 2017 Megan INBA 1st NATURAL OLYMPIA INBA WORLD CHAMP NPA SW 3rd Figure. Jo 1st ICN British Champ Runway 3rd Figure 1st UFE Fitness Kim 2nd Glifting Model 3rd Tattoo 2nd UFE Fitness. Jo Diamonds 3rd, 3rd NFF Beach Body. Kerri 4th UKBFF Bikini. 2016 7th Arnold Classic Euro Top 15 IFBB Euro Champs. 2nd UKBFF National. 2015 Glifting 1st Tattoo 2nd Pinup UKUP 1st 35+ Bikini Amateur Olympia 6th

2018 Figure Prep Vlog

Bodypower Sponsored Athlete

Figure posing and quarter turns WNBA World Championships

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sonia R.

Mon 28 May 2018 @ 19:01

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Her coaching and program have showed to be VERY successful! In only one month I could already see big differences. I have deffinitely improved a lot on technique and fisically. Very happy with the results.

Bekki O.

Thu 17 May 2018 @ 20:09

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Julia is absolutely fantastic. She was really quick to respond with any and all questions I had in a friendly and supportive manner, and made me feel very confident throughout the entirety of my prep. I wouldn't 100% recommend her and I plan to use her for all of my competition experiences, I wouldn't trust anyone else!!

Jules R.

Thu 17 May 2018 @ 7:56

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Julia is so knowledgeable and helpful but above all really friendly and positive. I have found her so easy to talk to and she has been so supportive. Cannot recommend highly enough. I am in my 50s and was worried that my age would be a problem, not with Julia! She's the best

Sarah M.

Fri 18 Aug 2017 @ 16:57

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Julia is a true 'coach' it's all about communication & a 2 way relationship to develop the best plan for you personally with regards to nutrition & training. I met Julia initially on one of her 1-2-1 posing sessions & found her exceptional from so many aspects but in particular her scientific knowledge on nutrition & her genuine desire to help you which is clearly based on having had many of her own experiences to be able to share... Julia most definitely 'walks the talk'! Julia has been instrumental in helping me transition towards a vegetarian & vegan style of eating. She's offered extremely good value for money & I believe she's gone 'above n beyond' in responding to my many questions & adapting my plan a little more frequently than perhaps than would be expected based on my feedback! If you're new to this, want good friendly communication & support with the added advanced nutrition knowledge, keeping yourself super healthy while competing then Julia is most definitely your coach.

Sharon H.

Mon 31 Jul 2017 @ 22:24

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I enlisted Julia's services very late in my training program and she was nothing short of amazing. She stepped in at very short notice and provided an exceptional training and nutrition plan tailored to me and was so supportive on email. I was training for my first bikini competition, I was unfortunately left on my own as my trainer fell ill, I found Julia online and overnight she was up to speed with where I was in my program and what I needed to see the competition through. I'll always be grateful and next time round if I was to do a competition I would go with Julia from the start.

Kerri R.

Wed 31 May 2017 @ 17:43

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I started with Julia when I was in prep for my first ever UKBFF Bikini competition. I was given Julia's details through a friend at work who recommended Julia as a posing coach.
As I live abroad it's really difficult for me to get any posing tips or attend posing classes in person.
Once I contacted Julia to see if she would be able to help me with posing, we started on a Skype posing journey 😊.
Julia was so friendly and instantly put me at ease. Everything was broken down for me and if there was anything I was unsure of Julia would take the time to talk me through it and show me.
Julia gave me confidence and was always there to answer any questions I had on posing or just general fitness questions.
I can't thank Julia enough for helping me with my confidence and I would definitely recommend Skype posing if you are unable to get to any classes.

Jo E.

Mon 22 May 2017 @ 21:20

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I began my journey with Julia 2 years ago with my aim being to build strength and change my physique. Julia's approach has enabled me to learn about nutrition to support my training; I am now able to make informed decisions about food rather than being told what to eat and how to train with no depth of understanding. This joint, supported and functional approach facilitates individual development and benefits me in the long term. My physique has changed dramatically and with Julia's enthusiasm and flexible approach I recently competed in nffpro, earning 3rd place in each body category. I look at those pictures and don't recognise the woman smiling back..that is testament to Julia's coaching. I cannot speak highly enough of julia and regularly recommend her to people seeking a coach. A fantastic coach and a genuinely lovely woman.

Kim M.

Tue 2 May 2017 @ 9:12

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I started with julia in oct 16.after 1 wk of my plan my mum passed away very suddenly. Knowing i was in no place to train or concentrate on my diet, she put a pause on my coaching and pick up again when i was ready. She was so supportive. I lost focus and ate too much and didnt train. I had no motivation and 1.5 stone heavier. In jan after lots of support from julia i found myself focussed on a gr8 eating and training programme. i could contact julia at any time and always got a response. My programme was worked to suit me and my needs.i struggled at times to lose fat due to stress levels, but julia always had a plan to kickstart things.in april after training and prep i competed in glifting.at the lightest and leanest i have ever been. Julias now coaching me onto my next 2 comps. Without julia i would be overweight not training and struggling everyday. I cant express enough how amazing this coach really is. Thank you so much julia for your amazing knowledge and support x

Niamh L.

Tue 3 Nov 2015 @ 22:55

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Wow I have so much to say about this incredible Coach! The first time I met Julia she put me at ease immediately and made me feel confident enough to get on stage and enjoy myself. I had no clue about posing routines and within an hour we had one nailed! She made it fun! After the competition I had different goals, I'm in the RAF and was sent away on deployment for 4 months at short notice, I didn't want my training affected but knew that my nutrition would be due to where I was going. I loved Julia's athletic and bobsleigh background and knew that she could help me and understand the difficulties I would face with such a demanding 4months. Which she did and I subsequently trialled for RAF Bobsleigh plus I'm about to compete in MGU again this weekend. Julia is passionate, knowledgable, and realistic. I can't thank her enough for turning my life around and I have now gained a wonderful friend and friends through Julia.

sky W.

Mon 2 Nov 2015 @ 22:55

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went to one of julias posing classes or 2 :) what a fantastic posing coach she is:) helped me learn alot from just 2 hours so very happy and cannot wait for the next class

she was brilliant with answering any questions asked also:) very helpful teacher

Mel T.

Mon 2 Nov 2015 @ 22:39

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I found Julia extremely helpful and accommodating. After a not so great experience with a previous coach she has definitely restored my faith. I made more physical changes in 6 weeks with her than I did in 4 months! My exercise plan is tailored to fit into my working schedule and I have flexibility with my macros as long as I stick to them I can still have variety in my diet. I am really looking forward to laying down the foundations for a better and stronger physique during this off season and am excited by the prospect of change.

Louisa T.

Thu 1 Oct 2015 @ 22:34

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At first I wasn't sure what I was going to get from an online coach but I could not have asked for more. Julia has been my rock throughout. You don't need someone standing over you shouting to reach your goal it really is a case of, you get out what you put in; however expert advice is a must and you definitely get this Julia.
When I doubted myself she was there to reassure me every time.
After 8 months i now have the body I never dreamt was possible and the confidence to match.
I have done my 1st competition at 38yrs old and I am now looking forward to the next one. Julia Hubbard is an amazing trainer who believes that health comes first.
I would recommend Julia to anyone in fact I already have.

Louisa aka Daisy x

Vicki H.

Wed 30 Sep 2015 @ 22:53

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I cannot rate Julia highly enough. Honestly, completely and totally exceptional in all areas. Julia also has the knowledge and experience behind her and is 110% supportive snd understanding. Nothing is too much trouble for her. A complete inspiration 💪🏼👌🏽❤️

lucy M.

Tue 29 Sep 2015 @ 20:17

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Julia has 100% stuck by me during prep and supported me beyond belief! Julia and I have made huge progress together with both with my body but also my understanding and knowledge of bodybuilding, health and nutrition. Julia is not only a coach but a teacher! I could not recommend her highly enough!

Louisa S.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 14:02

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Julia is a fantastic coach, she listens to you and doesn't deliver cookie cutout workout pans or diet. She has a good understanding of what I need & what would help me achieve my goals. The plans change according to my goals, and I am proud to say she has the belief in me to do my first competition. She is motivating and supportive & very approachable. Love working with her!

Louise H.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 13:09

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Julia supported me through my first ever competition, I was 40 and had never stepped foot on stage before! Julia designed an exercise program for me and gave me valuable nutrition advice. No-one could have been more nervous than me but Julia gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to step out on stage. I even won the award for Amazing Achiever which I am so proud of! One year on as a direct result of Julia's support I have continued to improve my fitness and confidence and am working towards my next challenge.

Megan H.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 @ 9:16

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Amazing value for money. Julia is truly inspirational and so supportive. Currently on my 4th prep with Julia and so happy with my results.

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