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Rahil Patel

Fitness, Bodybuilding, Beach-body, Transformation, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person only

Coached since January 2004

FTB (Functional Training box)

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My name is Rahil , I am ceritfied Master Trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness Australia. I have recently completed Level 1 Crossfit Training from Forge Elite Reebok. I have been working as a personal Trainer since a decade.I have trained lots of clients to achieve their fitness goals; like weight loss ,bodybuilding , nutrition plans ,sports specific training, rehab or help them recover their particular injuries like arthritis , frozen shoulders or any kind of muscle & joint injuries. I have been training two sport Celebrities (Mr yusuf pathan and Irfan pathan- Indian Cricket Team) since 6 years. My focus is on agility,core strength & conditioning ,stability and metabolic conditioning to help them achieve their fitness levels..

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