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Ana Plenter

Strength: Communication

Bikini, Fitness, Beach-body, Transformation, Figure/BodyFitness

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since August 2003

Build My Body Beautiful

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Ana Plenter & Ivan Kalinin - Build My Body Beautiful

"Let us guide your though this amazing journey and help you get in the best shape of your life to step on the stage looking stunning and feeling confident.

We are seasoned, award winning fitness competitors who have also coached 100s of female competitors for their shows. Our deep understanding of the female body stems from years of working exclusively with women, helping them to achieve incredible body transformations.

Our approach is based on getting you ready for your competition, safely and naturally without damaging your health & metabolism. We do not believe in drastic dieting and endless cardio and hours of training a day, but rather using a slow steady a training and smart nutrition approach. This will allow you to achieve the results you desire, enjoy the process and without facing the huge weight gain rebound effects many competitors have after their show. We will educate you show to diet off your competition so that you can maintain a lean, healthy figure off season.

Our coaching packages are available both in person and online and include all the information you need to succeed in your competition."

Ana & Ivan


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melyssa H.

Mon 14 Dec 2015 @ 1:18

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I began training(in-person)with Ana in March and by June she'd helped me transform my body, better my life and start a sweet collection of trophies lol
She kept communication close; whether email, text or phone calls(or in my case downloading an app to keep in touch even while she was on vacation).
She is very knowledgeable, always made sure I understood everything properly as well so that I was prepared and confident. Her workouts were detailed and easy to understand. I was also happy with my meal plan that made me feel healthy and never hungry.
She provided the professional and personal support, guidance and motivation I needed to help me achieve my goals.. especially when the emotions started to get the best of me.. she was never short of great advice and lots of encouragement.
I look forward to training with Ana again for my future competitions and would highly recommend her and the Build My Body Beautiful team to any woman looking to give their lives a good make-over.

Julie K.

Tue 27 Oct 2015 @ 20:45

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I feel blessed to have found Ana and the Build My Body beautiful team. My experience prepping for my show with her has been amazing. She has been by far the best coach that I have ever worked with. She helped me truly with everything from start to end. I used two coaches in the past and quit about half way into my prep due to frustration and confusion. Ana literally outlined week by week day by day everything I need to do from booking my tanning, getting my suit, shoes etc. Any time I had any doubts she was very encouraging and took time to chat with me, even at times when i would text her late at night freaking out!
I also found her diet and training program very manageable (unlike the the other programs I was out on, which were just insane). In 12 weeks, she had me ready and I stepped onstage confident and happy to walk away with a trophy.
Thank you so much Ana, I really would not have been able to do this without you!

Racheal W.

Fri 25 Sep 2015 @ 14:42

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I really enjoyed my 10 weeks of prep for my first bikini competition with BMBB. Training with Ana was both personal and professional, and always flexible. She is very passionate about training her clients.

Ana's coaching methods and diet plans was exactly what I was looking for to prep for my show.
She is a previous competitor so she was able to share her personal experience and best practices with me. I definitely recommend hiring someone who has competed themselves and who has knowledge of how the body works like Ana.

I also liked working with Ana because she has a coaching style that motivated me to train. Another plus was workouts and diet plans were delivered on a timely basis. Ana also interacts with her clients via email and text.

I highly recommend you try BMBB services for its flexibility as a training service and their ability to deliver results.

My results are posted on her ig page!

Vanessa P.

Thu 24 Sep 2015 @ 22:26

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Ana was unbelievable!! Her support and knowledge was amazing and guided me to accomplish what I have always wanted to do.
Without her I would of never stepped on stage!

Alysha C.

Wed 23 Sep 2015 @ 20:41

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I couldn’t have done it as effectively without Ana! I had been searching for a while for a prep coach without finding one that was a good fit until I was referred to Ana. From the first meeting I really connected with her. She took the time to understand my motivation to compete, using my own motivation to drive me forward. Throughout the entire prep process she showed genuine interest in me succeeding, pushing me to points I didn’t think were possible. She maintains ongoing communication with all her clients, building individualized comprehensive prep plans. You cannot find a better coach than Ana!

Alana F.

Wed 23 Sep 2015 @ 19:49

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Ana has been the most supportive, motivating, and effective coach I could ever ask for. She prepared me for my first OPA Bikini show, where I placed 2nd. She was there for me every minute of my prep, and provided me organized, and detailed instructions for each week. My prep with Ana was enjoyable, and not unhealthily strict, as she made sure I ate sufficient calories and I didn't need to do hours of endless cardio. My body looked amazing in just 10 short weeks. Ana is by the far the most amazing coach in all aspects, from nutrition, to training, and personal support. I will be prepping with Ana for my next show in the Spring!

Wendy K.

Wed 23 Sep 2015 @ 19:41

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By far the BEST coach you can ever ask for! 1st place at my first show, what more can I say?

Lydia N.

Wed 23 Sep 2015 @ 19:29

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I clicked with Ana from the moment I met her. She was very detailed about the entire process of completing as it was my first competition. She was honest and not pushy and spent a lot of time with me explaining everything.
I was really glad I choose to work with her and loved my entire prep. Unlike many other girls I have talked to who compete, I never had to do hours of cardio and extremely low calorie dieting. I love the approuch Ana takes which is to really focus on prepping safely to avoid rebound post comp.
I was very happy with my results (3rd in bikini tall and 12% body fat) especially considering I started at 27% body fat and 167lbs!
While I dont plan to compete any time soon, I have maintained my weight at 135lbs and about 17% body fat, and I am very happy with my new look.

Joanne H.

Wed 23 Sep 2015 @ 18:02

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Ana has been the most amazing coach. I have worked with 2 other coaches before her, and there is no comparison of how much better my experience was with Ana.

She has provided me so much detail and guidance throughout my prep from every workout, everything I ate, to all the essentials that I needed as the show date was approaching.
If I ever had questions, she was very quick to answer and talked my through some really hard days. She even met up with me for a coffee when we did not have a session planned one day, just because I was feeling stressed out. She has a way of calming you, without babying you. She is tough, but very personable.

I was very pleased to finally place 2nd in my category (fitness medium against 12 other girls at SAF). This was my third show and the very first time I placed. The last two shows I used different coaches. Again it was a world of a difference!

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