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Janelle Nicolo-Monteiro

Strength: Programme Design

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding, Posing, Classic, Beach-body, Transformation, Muscle Model, Figure/BodyFitness, Fit Mums, Strength/Endurance

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since November 2007

Body Ambition Fitness
United States

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Janelle has excelled in the fitness industry as a spokesperson for health and fitness- starting with being the 2007 ESPN Bikini America Short Class Champion to her 2014 WBFF PRO title! Janelle has appeared on FOX Boston as a fitness expert, Status Magazine along with a feature on her team, in Oxygen magazine numerous times along with being featured in Muscular Development, Natural Health, Natural Muscle and Complete Woman magazines, Fit & Firm Magazine & Middleton Magazine to name a few. Janelle truly has a passion for health and fitness. Janelle feels there’s potential inside everyone to be the best they can be and she feels lucky to be part of their journey towards realizing that potential by educating and motivating her clients, no matter if it's to reach a personal goal, loose weight or compete on the fitness stage in any organization! "Strength starts on the inside" is one of her mantras and she teaches her clients how to do so, empowering them to another level! Her team is comprised on clients around the country and has other pro coaches assisting her team such as Shannon Petralito, WBFF Figure Pro and 3rd in the WORLD, WBFF Pro and CPT, Judine St. Gerard and WBFF Pro & CPT, Kayla LaRocque. She prides her teams success on her unique training methods and holistic nutrition approach! Feed the machine and train like a beast (or beastess)!

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Deborah K.

Tue 27 Sep 2016 @ 22:12

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Janelle is an amazing coach. She is extremely knowledgeable about not only fitness but nutrition as well. She communicates a lifestyle not an on and off prep way of life. She takes the time to get to know you and your goals! Highly recommend!!

Lauren H.

Tue 27 Sep 2016 @ 17:33

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Janelle is the best! You can tell how passionate she is about what she does and it really shows in her work. This is my first time working with her (and in prep) and I am so lucky to have found a coach who isn't crazy and telling me to do things that are bad for ones health.

Shannon P.

Sat 10 Oct 2015 @ 1:22

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Janelle is not only professional but puts her heart & soul into her job as a coach and into each of her clients. She is super experienced in her training & nutrition and is able to adjust her programming specific to each clients needs. Her goal is always health first!

Courtney S.

Thu 10 Sep 2015 @ 1:03

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This is my first time working with Janelle and I am so happy. Janelle is responsive, empathetic and knowledgeable. You can tell that Janelle is a true leader and motivator by the atmosphere she creates with the team and through her responses in your check in progress. I haven't reached peak week or post prep yet but from my experience thus far I do not have a single ounce of hesitation.

Cynthia G.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 2:28

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Janelle has helped me completely transform not just my body but my confidence and how I see myself and where I want to be/accomplish. She challenges me, motivates me, supports me, and cares for me. She's not just a coach but a friend.

Alexandra R.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 2:03

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Janelle has completely changed my life. I came to her after trying (and failing) to prep myself alone to a competition. I'm competing to celebrate being ten years cancer free, so the fact that I couldn't get my body to where I wanted it to be in my own was so disheartening. As soon as Janelle came into my life and put me on a program, the changes started happening. Her expertise, compassion, and perpetual positivity make her the very best coach. With her support, I'm going to be ready to walk across the stage with the body that I want. I'm so grateful to her and the amount of dedication and love she has for each person she coaches.

Shari B.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 1:40

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Janelle and her team are the best in the business. Caring, professional, effective and fun!

Dawn B.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 1:33

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Janelle is an exceptional person and coach. She designs a customized exercise and nutrition plan for each of her clients based on their goals and individual needs. She took me from cardio queen to second place in Figure division in 2 years. She has an amazing record coaching 9 clients to pro status in just the past year. She is a true champion !

Daniela V.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 1:24

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It's honestly difficult to put into words how much Janelle has helped change my life. I had always dreamt of being a fitness competitor and never would have imagined at age 42 I would finally take the stage! I've been an avid fitness nut for years but after having met Janelle and her amazing team of coaches, I am in the best shape of my life! She's passionate about her career and genuinely cares about each and everyone on our competition team!

Kim H.

Wed 9 Sep 2015 @ 1:05

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The support that you get working with janelle and her coaches is amazing. Very personalized support

Jordan V.

Tue 8 Sep 2015 @ 21:38

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I first met with Janelle for my competition posing and she did such a great job helping me that I recently signed up with her for post show training. She is very knowledgeable on all competition prep and training and is definitely the person to see for posing tips and routines!!!

Erin C.

Tue 8 Sep 2015 @ 20:58

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I haven't reached my peak week or post competition yet with Janelle, but with being an online client of hers, she is by far the sweetest and most knowledgeable woman I have ever met. I look forward to continuing my journey with her. ❤️

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