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Kelvin Garner portrait

Coach Profile

Kelvin Garner

Bikini, Fitness, Men’s Physique

Delivered In-Person and Online

Coached since February 2006

Pinnacle Performance
United Arab Emirates

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Quick overview

Biosignature Practitioner Level 1 (Perth & Dubai & Sydney)
Biosignature Practitioner Level 2 (Sydney)
PICP Levels 1 + 2 (Montreal Canada)
Precision Nutrition (Online)
Inutiriton (Hong Kong)
Blood Work Analysis (Hong Kong)

Consultations / Internships
Mark Coles: M10 Fitness (Nottingham UK)
Ben Pakalski: Mi40 Nation (Tampa Florida)
Mark Ottobre: Enterprise Fitness (Melbourne Australia)
Daine McDonald : Clean Health (Sydney Australia)
Stefan Ianev: Clean Health (Sydney Australia)

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